Beat the Baltimorons

Pass the eye-bleach, please.

I know nobody wants to think about the possibility of losing to the Ravens Sunday, but as far as I can tell a loss would put us at a slight disadvantage as far as winning the division is concerned. The scenarios are quite muddled and remember: I got my undergrad at Maryland, so these ponderings should be taken with a significant grain of salt.

Things to Consider:

NFL's Tie Breaker Rules

-Division Title is first determined by record: Losing to the Ravens would give us both the same record.
-The next tie-breaker is head to head. A loss would mean a push here, too.
-Division record is the next level tie-breaker.
-Win/loss percentage vs. common opponents comes in next. Two of our losses already cancel out with the Ravens' as they have also lost to the Giants and The Colts. This leaves the Eagles a team that
beat us, but the Ravens have beat. The good news is both of the Ravens remaining games (Cowboys/Jags) have lost to us.

So here are the scenarios that could play out if we lose to the Ravens next week:

1)We beat one or two more than them and the Ravens wind up in their rightfull place amongst the pool of potential wild-card shitbirds.
2)They win one or two more than us...we fucking lose the division and I dip my nuts in acid
3)Both us and they win out from there on...we would have a better in conference record (the 4th tie-breaker) and have the edge on the Ravens.
4)Both us and they lose out from there on...Ravens take it as our division record would be worse with a lose to the Brownies.
5)Using the same logic, even if we beat the Titans a loss to the Brownies would mean losing the division assuming the Ravens beat either the Cowboys or Jags

Not that we need to add any more pressure to the upcoming game, but if we lose Sunday the remaining divisional game on our schedule against Cleveland takes on a whole new level of importance, both for the division and a possible first round bye. Basically, with the log-jam that is the AFC East and Denver limping in out West, it's a good bet we'd at least snag a wild-card, but a loss Sunday brings other middling teams like the Broncos, Jets and Dolphins into that discussion.


Anonymous said...

Based on the tiebreakers from NFL.com, the Steelers would have the tiebreaker if they lose to the Ravens but win out from there. They would be tied head to head, tied with 5-1 records in division and have an equal 10-4 record in common games. However, they'd take the best % in conference game common opponents. Be beating the Titans down the stretch, they'd have a 3-1 record against the AFC South and a 8-2 common opponent record in the AFC. The Ravens would go 2-2 versus the south with losses to the Titans and colts, for a 7-3 common AFC record.

1. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
4. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.

Anonymous said...

If they beat the Ravens this weekend, would the Steelers clinch the division and at least the 2 seed?

Dewey Hammond said...

The Steelers need to win only two of three to take the division, regardless of what happens this weekend.

Christmas Ape said...

If the Steelers win this weekend, they clinch the division. I don't know about the first-round bye.

Dixie Normess said...

If we win this weekend we will at worst have a two game lead on the bye, and we'd have the tie breaker over NE...only the dolphins, jets and possibly denver would still be within striking distance, i believe

LongLive3Rivs said...

How bout this scenario?

1. Steelers beat Baltimore, go into Tennessee and beat the Titans, cruise against the Browns.

2. Titans lose either at Houston or at Indianapolis, in addition to the aforementioned loss to the Steelers.

Result? #1 seed. Road to Tampa running through Heinz Field.

...Although, based on recent history, is that REALLY what we want?

RayLewisEatsPeople said...

Baltimorons?? Come on you can do better than that.

Christmas Ape said...

How's about BitterMorons Who Haven't Won a Playoff Game Since 2001?