Five Questions With Cowboy Nation

I agreed to do a preview of this Sunday's game with the proprietors of the blog Cowboy Nation. We sent each other five questions, with the arrangement that we'd post each others' answers on our own blog . You can see his questions for me and my responses at his blog.

1. If DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber can't go, how does that affect the Cowboys gameplanning on both sides of the ball? Do you think they win without them?

First off, DeMarcus Ware will play as will Marion Barber. Both players would be a huge loss to this team. Defensively without Ware the Cowboys lose a large portion of their ability to create pressure. Without Barber the Cowboys would be strictly dependant upon Romo and allow the Steelers to completely disregard the run, and blitz on every play. No i do not think Dallas wins without them.

2. Adam Jones will likely be covering Santonio Holmes. Any chance he doesn't try to sell him weed?

There would be about a 50% chance he does not try to sell Santonio Holmes weed. However the odds of them ending up running a train on a Pittsburgh stripper are exceptionally high!

3. Why hasn't Roy Williams been effective since joining Dallas? Has he showed progress over the month and a half he's been on the team? Considering how much the Cowboys gave up to acquire him, one might expect more output.

How productive can anybody be with Brad Johnson throwing you the ball? Since Romo's return he has shown a lot of progress. It is just a matter of Romo and Williams getting on the same page with one another. Thanks to Pac Man we really only lost a mid 20's draft pick for him. I have not seen a college WR that will go that late,that can do the things he does. Have you?

4. The last time Terrell Owens came to Pittsburgh, it was in 2004 with the Eagles. After being limited to 7 catches for 53 yards, he was spotted by cameras yelling at Donovan McNabb late in the game on the sidelines. Is T.O. too chummy with Romo for a repeat performance?

God himself could be the quarterback and if T.O. is not getting the ball enough he would hear about it. So no he is not too chummy!

5. You know that "America's Team" thing isn't really yours, right?

Were you on the bike with Ben when he crashed? Or do you live in a bubble? I can promise you Dallas has more fans than the Steelers! Just remember with all the glory of being "Americas Team" you also get all of "Americas" shit!


Anonymous said...

nice jackie smith reference.

Spatula said...

In the picture, Jessica Simpson is thinking, "Led Zeppelins can't really fly, can they? I better call Daddy and ask him." Romo is thinking, "How do I keep T.O. from going ballistic." Yep, one happy couple.

Jamie said...

I call BS on the claim that the Cowgirls have more fans than the Steelers. Do tens of thousands of Dallas fans show up at EVERY road game they have?? That's a rhetorical question, in case anyone from Dallas is reading it.

Anonymous said...

now someone's gotta track down the Pittsburgh hooker who serviced Pacman and Santonio for a play by play interview. She should be easy to spot...the only hooker trolling Liberty Ave in a wheelchair!

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