Is It Time to Anoint the Cardiac Steelers?

I don't know so much if we want to celebrate the Steelers' last-second tendencies as tolerate them. Either way, Pittsburgh is making a habit of pulling critical victories out in the final minutes. With a sweep against the most dispicable trio of teams to Steelers fans no less and thus earning their first victory in Baltimore in six years. The division title and first round bye clinched, the team sets its sights on homefield next week. While that would be nice to take and is a realistic goal, the first-round bye is probably the greater gain, especially considering how much better the Steelers play on the road.

Drives were stalled by penalties, drops by Nate Washington and a fumble by Santonio Holmes that gave three precious points to the Ravens. Nonetheless, Pittsburgh drove more than 90 yards when it counted, with Ben Roethlisberger relying on Hines Ward for critical first downs. Naturally, Bruce Arians tried to botch an otherwise smartly called final drive with

No doubt there will be griping about the touchdown call regarding Santonio Holmes winning TD grab. As the overhead shot displayed, Holmes had possession with the ball breaking the plane of the endzone. Of course, you won't hear Ravens fans bemoaning several of the non-calls on holds on James Harrison that led to the few decent pass plays by the Ravens.

While it won't be easy on the ticker, the defense is able to keep the team in games long enough for the offense to gain its composure. Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense came in with momentum and looked dreadful. Flacco looked every bit like a rookie in this game. While our offense didn't perform much better, Roethlisberger is avoiding stupid throws. Now if only we can get Santonio and Nate to keep a grip on the ball.

Aw, don't look so glum Ray-Ray. You might still get the chance to lose in Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Bring your bearded friend with you. Why don't you dance a little? That's what you do, right? Kill people and dance? Way to captain a bend and break defense that gives up a 90-plus yard scoring drive when it counts, you fraud.


Anonymous said...

Found out why Reed got a personal foul penalty. Seems that scumbag Frank Walker tried to hit his knee after the extra point and then spit at Reed and into his mouth. You stay classy Baltimore.


BALTIMORE -- The Ravens and Steelers played one of their typical games, without the kind of obvious rancor that has dotted the series -- almost to the end.

And then Baltimore cornerback Frank Walker had to go and spoil it. At least that's what Steelers punter Mitch Berger said afterward.

Berger accused Walker of spitting in his face after Jeff Reed kicked the point after on Santonio Holmes' winning 4-yard touchdown catch.

"The guy dove, he tried to take out Jeff's knee," said Berger, who holds for Reed's kicks. "I went over there and he got up and he spit in my face -- and they called it on Jeff for pushing him!"

Reed drew a 15-yard penalty that was marked off on his kickoff after the score.

"I tried to get in the middle to separate him but he got in my face and spit right in my mouth. He spit right in my mouth. I'm still trying to spit that ... out. I was talking to him, trying to separate everybody and he spit right in my mouth."

Anonymous said...

He spit in Berger's mouth, not Reed's. Anyway, I was unable to maintain my composure due to the non-calls for holding. Especially on that big pass play when the announcers were praising the pass defense, but then they had to admit it was holding on Harrison when they showed the replay. Not one holding call and I'm sure that Harrison was held every time he was one-on-one.