Now We Play the Speculating Game

When you have a week off, this is the kind of speculative bullshit you get into, which is still better than getting really excited that the Steelers could run the ball on the Browns (okay, they did finally run the I-formation, which is nice).

Not that we have control over it, but who should we be looking forward to in two weeks? I think you have two fairly even teams and one higher-seeded dud.

Indianapolis: The revenge factor would be nice. Of the Steelers' four losses, the one to Indy was the most frustrating, because they had no business losing that game. Reggie Wayne got a fluky touchdown on a ball that should have been intercepted and Ben Roethlisberger played his sloppiest game of the year. Plus, there's that whole "Steelers 5-0 in the playoffs vs. the Colts" thing.

San Diego: Another frustrating regular season game, but at least one that went our way. The Steelers put up over 400 yards of offense put only got nine points (the defense should have also had nine, but had to settle for two). The Chargers are playing with house money right now, which makes them a dangerous, though I'm not buying Tomlinson's one-week resurgence against a sieve-like Broncos defense.

Miami: I really don't see this team getting by Baltimore, but if they do the Joey Porter return will obviousy dominate the headlines for the week leading up to the game. Can't say I'd be thrilled about him going against Max Starks either. Still, this would probably be the easiest of the three opponents they could face. Chad Pennington presents some problems with his accruacy, and the Steelers have yet to face an opponent that runs the Wildcat with any frequency (Baltimore and Cleveland tinker with it), so that would present an interesting match-up.

My guess: San Diego. Like I said, I don't see Miami beating the Ravens and the Chargers always play the Colts tough. They narrowly lost to Indy earlier in the season when they were in a rough patch. Running teams still give Indy fits and I like Marmalard can float enough passes over their corners at home to get it done.

Also, holy shit, does the schedule look easy for next year. Sure, it can be more than a little deceptive nine months in advance, but getting matched up against the NFC North and AFC West could make for a relatively easy return to a top-2 seed next season, y'know, if the team bothers to address the line, fire Arians, etc.


bbbbrian said...

San Diego's who I'd like, but I'm worried it will be the Colts; as you know it all about who's hot at the end. As a side note, I'm gonna have to read this site alone for the playoffs; seeing the towel stomp amongst other comments at the 'other' site is too much to bear. Keep up the good work

tecmo said...

If it's the Colts, I don't see them winning IN PITTSBURGH twice in one year.

At least San Diego and Indy would throw relatively simple offensive formations out there. I just don't want to see our D get completely exposed against some Miami trickery and the Wildcat.