Oh, So You Want to Complain About the Refs?

Officials have very seldom flagged any of the frequent holding infractions committed by blockers assigned to James Harrison this season. There are probably at least three or four a game that go unnoticed, willfully or not, by the refs. Yesterday was certainly no different.

I don't understand how there can exist such a different standard for any one player. Obviously, holding is a very gray area in NFL officiating. There are those who make the claim that it's so subjective that one could call holding on practically any play. That said, when most casual fans can notice that James Harrison gets dragged down from behind on a good percentage of his pass rushes, you know something is a amiss.

Ravens have let out their hue and cry about the Santonio Holmes goal line call. I think it was a questionable ruling, though anyone who has the ball being nowhere outside the plane is full of shit. Holmes receives the ball while it is above the line. What it boils down to is where Walt Coleman considered that he first had possession. It could have gone either way and one went our way for once. I'll take it, rather than the prospect of Arians running another counter on 4th down on the goal line.

Still, considering Baltimore got away with murder (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with their blocking on the Steelers' pass rush all night, they should probably be a little hesitant with this whole "we got screwed" business. The refs didn't allow the Steelers offense to mark 90-plus yards down the field, did they?


n.o. said...

Still, considering Baltimore got away with murder (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with their blocking on the Steelers' pass rush all night

Their obstruction of Harrison left me searching for justice.

tecmo said...

Fantastic screengrab. I was waiting for this one.

I'll re-print what I wrote over at Cotter's. This was the conversation between Nantz and Simms when they showed the replay of this hold:

Simms: Great blocking by the left tackle

Nantz: ...Was that a hold?

Simms: Yes it was

Simms kept praising the LT, and how Baltimore had the uneven line to counter Silverback. Funny how no-one mentioned that there hasn't been an Offensinve holding call on any of our opponents in the last 23 quarters.

Roach said...

I agree, it was a great screen cap. So why don't the Steelers just capture screen caps of all of these holds on Silverback and send them to the head of officiating. And if they have, why don't the officials take the hint and look for it the following games?

It's frustrating, but at least we Steeler fans just vent about it instead of bitching and moaning about it being the sole reason for our losses.