Analyzing the Cardinals Defectors

A lot is being made of the Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh West match-up in two weeks, so let's take a look at the departed Stillers and their possible impact on the Super Bowl.

Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm (Don't forget Kevin Spencer!)

The unchosen people.

Possible Super Bowl impact: Pretty goddamn high. If the Cards win, most likely Whiz will get all the credit (not undeservedly) for having the goods on the Steelers. The Steelers line is doing better with pass blocking (Ben had pretty good time on plays where Starks didn't toally whiff on one-armed Suggs). Obviously, we still miss Grimm in that regard. Little surprising that Grimm didn't get any looks again for head coaching jobs this go-around.

Sean Morey

Did you know he went to Brown? I wish Chris Berman would mention this. The Steelers certainly missed their special teams ace last year, but the coverage unit is looking considerably better this season.

Possible Super Bowl impact: Fairly decent. Sean had his big moment earlier this season when he blocked a punt in overtime against Dallas to secure a victory. The Steelers kickoff team isn't too likely to break a big one, but Santonio's been getting hot on punt returns of late.

Brian St. Pierre

Fear his one career pass attempt! (This isn't it. This picture is from a preseason game). The Steelers smartly dumped him in favor of Dennis Dixon, if only they would ever use him.

Possible Super Bowl impact: STARTING QUARTERBACK! At least in my dreams. If Bri-Bri gets in the game at any point, it probably means the Cards at up by 60 points. Or punter Dirk Johnson gets hurt and they need somebody to hold.

Clark Haggans/Jerame Tuman

Possible impact on the Super Bowl: None. Haggans, starting outside linebacker here as recently as last year, is on injured reserve and Tuman was released in December.

On a side note: more evidence Steelers fans are ubiquitous: here's a Terrible Towel in space.

And here is a Steelers contingent in Mexico.

So if Arizona wins, they're close enough to invade. Viva!

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tbone said...

Michael Silver had a article up similar to this..he's comparing it to the Bucs-Raiders Super Bowl