Because It's Not Sunday Yet: More Internet Marginalia

With all the horrible Steelers-related YouTubage out there, I thought I would post an example of our fans using the technology for the forces of good. I picked up on Yinz Luv Da Stillers midway through the season and the low-budget/no-budget homemade football web show became an instant part of the increasingly elaborate routine in the run-up to games, which has claimed absolute dominion over my life. Not sure that's a bad thing.

And because it's been e-mailed to me by roughly 100,000 people, I present the following:

On the news front, Santonio copped to selling drugs when he was a kid, which is a ballsy admission to the media during Super Bowl week. I'm just surprised he wasn't doing porn.

Other than that: ESPN still fellating speculating on Warner's chance at the Hall non-stop; Sean McHugh: still happy not to be a Lion; Cardinals still Fart Boxing; Today still stubbornly not being Sunday. Guh.


Vern said...

I'm more concerned with the fact that he had a dump truck. WTF? Were they referring to Najeh?

Tommy said...

haha I didn't know that dude wrote that best/worst/best again Steelers punk song. Awesome.

Buck said...

You ever been to Belle Glade? *shudders* not a fun or safe place. And there is absolutely fuck-all to do there. Imagine Hazelwood in the middle of no where.