Ben X-Ray Rumor Gives Us Something Else to Worry About

ProFootballTalk got the ball rolling this morning on a rumor about Ben Roethlisberger getting a furtive X-Ray on his ribs yesterday. When asked by Gregg Rosenthal of NBCSports, Roethlisberger issued a fishy sounding non-denial about it.

My guess is that it's likely a precautionary thing. If any play caused a problem with his ribs, it was the latest of the cheap shots the Ravens have taken on Ben well after he's released the ball. This one happened in the first quarter of the AFC Title Game. Of course, all the talk afterward was about Willis McGahee and Ryan Clark and not this. Typical. Remember not long after this hit, Ben was shown getting checked by two assistants in the tunnel and Byron Leftwich briefly started warming up.

But Ben played the remainder of the game not showing any signs of being pained (at least to the TV audience) and hasn't missed any practice time or shown up on injury reports, so even if the report is true, I doubt it's likely to lead to him missing any snaps in the Super Bowl.


Dixie Normess said...

I know someone who bumped into Ben at the kennel, dropping off his dog. Said he was all playing with it and bending over and shit. Translation: He's green-light fucking go.

How's THAT for some behind the scenes reporting?

/realizes his pathetic existence

Tommy said...

Yeah how in the fuck did no one else mention A HELMET TO THE FUCKING BACK? Far worse than the ryan clark hit.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Asian football players are cheap shot artists. Nice to see the Steelers are on the receiving end for once.

"he was just playing the game like its meant to be played...wahhh"

whiny ass bitches.

Christmas Ape said...

Whiny ass troll. You're probably a Ravens fan still licking his wounds from going 0-3 against the Steelers.