Bonus Wednesday Ed Reed Fail

Oh noes, more pictures of Ed Reed falling down on big plays. This one was on Santonio Holmes' touchdown catch in the Week 4 Monday night game. BUT ED REED IS SO GOOD! HOW CAN THIS BE?! CLEARLY THIS IS A PHOTOSHOP!

Hopefully more Ravens fans will show up in the comments and link pictures from 2006. Can't get enough of those.


Spatula said...

You should be ashamed of yourself embarrassing Mr. Reed like that. He's very sensitive (cough-gay) and is a well-liked (cough-dog raper) in his community (cough-ass hats).

gamechump said...

OK. THAT IS A-FUCKING-NOUGH!!! Do you know what "bulletin board material" is, sir? DO YOU?! No, really? I don't know. Can you explain it to me?

I mean, I guess RayRay will have someone stabbed over this. Maybe you?

That's how PUMPED he is for Jesus.

Christmas Ape said...

Bulletin board material is particleboard, I believe.

Anonymous said...

So now you're reduced to hating on Ed Reed? A guy who, while playing with a FUCKING NERVE IMPINGMENT IN HIS NECK ALL SEASON, was the only unanimous all pro, and cemented his name among the greatest safeties of all time?

Obviously, all the talking heads just hate Troy Boy and the steelers to even suggest that Reed is better. Give me a break.

By my count, thats now 3 Ravens who are legitimately in GOAT conversations - Reed, Ray Lewis, and Jon Ogden. 3 in 13 years of existence.

Whens the last time the Steelers had a GOAT candidate at any position? Probably before half of you fucktards were born, is my guess.

And don't give me any of this "they play and win as a team, thats why nobody stands out, blah, blah" horseshit.

Christmas Ape said...

Well, GOAT-fucker, the point is you root for teams. And Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are nowhere remotely close to the greatest of all-time at their respective positions. Ogden is in the running. But he's retired. So, you might want to take him off the list of three current Ravens.

Christmas Ape said...

Just look at how much Ray-Ray sucked when he didn't have a good defensive tackle playing in front of him. No coincidence that he had a career renaissance once Ngata showed up.

Anonymous said...

I never said "current." I said 3 in 13 years.

You're right Ape. Even though EVERYONE is saying it now, because you deem it to be so, Ed Reed is "nowhere remotely near the greatest of all time at his respective position." Even for a Steelers homer, thats some ridiculous self-delusion.

"I don’t think Ed Reed has to take a back seat to anybody who ever played the position. ANYBODY.” - Ronnie fucking Lott

But yeah, what does he know?


johnny said...

The preferred Goat of Ravens fans.

Christmas Ape said...

Ed Reed had a fine little stretch of playing time at the end of this year, so everybody is getting kneejerk and jumping on his nuts.

Reed is the best free safety right now. He's just lucky Sean Taylor is gone or he's be the third best safety in the league. But he'll settle for no. 2 right now.

Anonymous said...

The difference: The guys "getting kneejerk and jumping on his nuts" get either get paid to know about football or once got paid to play the game.

The guy saying "he'll settle for being #2" gets paid to make dick jokes. (Admittedly, a sweet gig if you can get it)

Who ya gonna b'lee?

Vern said...

You actually expect Ronnie Lott to come out and say that he's not great? "Yeah, Ed Reed couldn't hold my jock". That's not what they do.

Hey, here's another one for you. John Harbaugh said that he wouldn't take any QB in the league over Joe Flacco. That's absolute retard-talk right there. But hey, its John Harbaugh, what does he know?

Vern said...

Also, Emmitt Smith gets paid to talk about football. Joe Morgan gets paid to talk about baseball. Well, did. Why do you think that most successful coaches were not athletic freaks as players?

Anonymous said...

Vern, you're right. A coach not wanting to diss his current QB, who he is coaching in the playoffs vs. an All-time great inviting another player, with whom he has no personal interest, onto his pedestal with him.

Those are the same.

Even Emmitt Smiff would shake his head at that one.

Christmas Ape said...

Okay - well here's the flip side. The Ravens have supposedly had three of the greatest players of all-time on their roster the last few years and won jack shit.

I'd say that's an all-time choke, then.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaand, thank you Brian Billick you giant turdwad douche.

Anonymous said...

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