'Bout Damn Time

Finally, enough with the agonizingly long bye week. Let's play a football game.

Okay, there's still the matter of a huge media circus.


Johnny said...

Exciting stuff... so if you don't know the answer to this question, I don't know who will:

Where can I buy Terrible Towels in the DC/Northern VA area? Gotta show my love and mine was swiped when I was at the Divisional Championship game.


Christmas Ape said...

Not sure where in the D.C. area you can buy one. You can always order one online.

tiny350Z said...

I think I saw some at the sports memorabilia store at Potomac Mills...

And they were selling a bunch of stuff at the sports memorabilia store in Tyson's Corner... on the second floor kinda near the Gap (the name escapes me)... Not sure if I remember terrible towels, though.

Sorry that my response is not more concrete.

Anonymous said...

There's one laying on the tarmac of Sky Harbor Airport...of course it was stomped on by the Cardinal mascot after being sneezed into and thrown down by the Phoenix mayor, but it still might be there.

Johnny said...

Actually, that one would be my choice so I can shove it down the mayor's throat after a Steeler victory this weekend!

Thanks for the responses guys. I placed an order on steelers.com sunday but I never got a confirmation so they might just be swamped and now it might be too late anyways.