Dem boys in Black ‘n Gold squashed dem birdies from Balteemore last week, youbetcha! It was a game for da ages. Big Ben yooked pretty good and hasn’t thrown a pick for four games now. The Ravens did manage to knock him on his dupa a couple a times, but when it caunted he got that pill to Santonio. Everyone is nebbin araund abaut Hineses health since he rolled up dat knee, they outta yeave him be, he’ll be ought der Sundy, you can bookit. I yove da way Troy zips around dat field with da ball,Yoi! He’s one of da best I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a yot over da years.

So here we are, kiddies, Super Bowl 43. I remember the great teams of the 70s and their runs, and I gotta tell ya, dis team is poised to join em as one of the best defenses to raise dat Yombardi.

I gotta comment on an incident earlier dis week. Da Arizona Cardinals (who I wasn’t sure even were in da yeague anymore) saw fit to disgrace my Towel, as you can see. Now, I’m a genery even tempered man, especially from my vantage point up here in the big Cabana in da sky, but dis really steamed my clams! Do they know what happened to da Bungles when dey did dis a few years ago?

Dem boys dawn in Tennesee ain’t won since dey stomped on it! I dink it’s high time dey yook into what a valuable ding the Towel is, how it helps others. It’s a beacon to Steeler Nation! Hmm-hah! I would dink they wouldn’t wanna do anything to make der job tougher, Sundy.

Okel Dokel, onto Cope's "Key Matchups":

1) Passing Attacks vs. Secondaries: Everyone is makin a bid deal about the Cards’ Yarry Fitz, and dats true, but their pass defense is 29th in the yeague. Feh. Dis game’ll be more abaut first dawns den yong bombs.

2) Scrambling QBs: Deez quarterbacks are probably da two best at feeling pressure. And Warner’s gonna need it, cuz he’s gonna feel more than my prostate, Sundy. If he can fire it aught before Woodley, Harrison, Farrior and dem can get to him, watch aught.

3) Ground Attacks: Da Cards don’t really have a running game unless dey can jump start James or Hightower, but if Willie can get aught der and rip off a few earlier, watch aught! Also, yook for Mewelde to take a few dumps aughtta da backfield.

4) Pressure vs. Performance: Da Stillers were here 3 years ago (and so was I), but only a handful of fellas from the Cards have been, can Warner lead dem where dey need to go?

Da Cope-ra-scope was dialed in again, yast week. This week's prediction: 29-17, Stillers. Go aught der and win one for me, boys. God, I miss yah.

Bye now.


Pro-Hat Party said...

good work. see you tonight, sucka.

~Rupe said...

All Hail Myron!

Avete said...
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domski43 said...

pour some out for myron.