DC Steeler Nation on News 4

DCSN president Katie Gorscak interviewed with local news here in D.C. about the bar and the fan club. Hey, I don't remember memberships being free. I've been bilked. The local news had to take an economic angle, because, well, they're local news hacks. Like I'd be throwing down a couple grand even if not as many other people were unemployed.


Katie said...

As you and I both know, the story always gets "adjusted" for whatever is sexy. Not that a crap economy is sexy, but whatever. And yes, general "membership" is free just by signing on the listserv, but for the VIP membership, that's $20. :)

Lindsay said...

I hope we can make a stop here on our Steeler Bar Tour! http://iheartpgh.com/2009/08/18/support-our-national-steeler-bar-tour-this-fall/