Super Bowl Media Day: Still Unwatchable

You would think having your team in the Super Bowl would make this shitshow (the fact that it's sponsored by Golden Corral should be a tip-off) slightly more appealing. But no, it doesn't. In fact, it makes you all the more irritated when the talking heads push storylines that don't really exist, like the Steelers being the Goliath in this match-up. Yes, they're touchdown favorites, but the Cardinals historic futility means exactly jackshit in this game. They have players and coaches who have been to the Super Bowl. Let's not pretend that the history of the franchise wipes that away. Moreover, Marshall Faulk claimed that Ben Roethlisberger "can't be sacked," which nearly made me launch my laptop through my TV.


gamechump said...

wtf... Just fucking why and was that more than 12 thoughts put into one sentence... Fucking media day.

ladi_izz said...

I just wanted James Harrison to punch Deion in the face.