Terrible Towel at Inauguration

Being in D.C. and about the Steelers, I kinda sorta have to post this. I skipped out on the swearing-in ceremony today because I tooled around the Mall Sunday during the concert before the AFC Championship. And, yes, I waved a Terrible Towel behind where Anderson Cooper was filming. so I'm as bad as this guy.


Spatula said...

I think the term is "ubiquitous."

Spatula said...

I have to share this with folks who would appreciate the story. The day after the Steelers beat the Ravens, the wife unit says to me, "You should go to the Superbowl." Stunned, I point out to her that the tickets are a tad expensive. She says, "How much." A quick check of the internets reveals prices in the neighborhood of $2K for the nose bleeds. She says, "Okay. Buy two tickets, take your brother, and he can pay for the gas, food, and hotel." I ponder this for awhile because, if nothing else, I'm wondering who stole my wife and replaced her with this doppelganger. Finally, I realize two things: 1) I have a great wife; 2) I'm going to the friggin' Superbowl. Section 302, Row R. See you there.

Christmas Ape said...


Brett said...

The Terrible Towel is a new symbol of hope!

Mike said...

Everything I am currently excited about is in this post.

Goodriddence Bush. Hello Superbowl.

Also check out the Obama belt buckle I made: