Yellow Gatorade Seems Popular

No matter what flavor you got, just don't dump it on Tomlin.

And, if I may ask a favor of my fellow Steelers fans - STOP THE LAME SONG PARODIES! NOW!

/realizes futility of request


Anonymous said...

Yes ape, stop the f-ing songs! Act like you've been here before people. I'm so tired of receiving emails from my friends with yet another you tube link to some stupid song.

And thanks to the lessons learned from the last Super Bowl playoff run, I have not listened to any media hype this year. Back in 2006, every so-called expert said the Steelers would not beat the Bengals, the Colts, or the Broncos. So basically they know about as much about football as I do.

So I have not read any articles or watched any of the hype, and my blood pressure is a lot lower for it.


gamechump said...

I still hate Media Gatorade Day.

Fucking Berman.

Vern said...

I think the Beyonce one is clever.

Christmas Ape said...

It's clever, but that doesn't make it any more tolerable. That and, while I usually don't mind Beyonce, I'm not a big fan of "Single Ladies" either.

Vern said...

Oh, I do to. That song is like waterboarding for your ears.

That being said, I was getting tired of the gay after gay parody songs that I found this one to be somewhat of a breath of fresh air. I'm certainly not going to be blasting it in my whip.