For Jason Whitlock's Benefit

It's not a butter sandwich, but it should help. Dipshit.


MarkJacksonShimmey said...

Don't worry, you can go ahead and forward that to Simmons too.


Vern said...

What the fuck is his point? The refs favored the Steelers, but then they didn't. And he's arguing that calling Ben's run to the half-inch line a TD is an obvious case of favoritism?

Anonymous said...


Dear Bill,

Bitch, please.


It never ceases to amaze me how *good* the Steelers are at fielding an overrated, fundamentally crappy team, led by a QB who's inherently substandard to the oppositions QB. I mean, all that and yet they *win*. I wonder how they manage . . . ah yes, that's right: they cheat. It really highlights the discrepancy between the miscreant Steelers and the selfless, generous officials and opposing teams who have ever-so-kindly handed us 6 Lombardi's. Thank'ee, thank'ee, one and all.

The haterade is obviously bitter, I know not why they drink of it.

QuickGoat said...

If everything is a fix, they need to stop watching football and watch something more there speed, like a fucking spelling bee.

Anonymous said...

let's not get too uppity Shittsburgh, Roethlisberger still has 3 INT's in super bowl performances to 1 TD that's below mediocrity, you win because of defense, always have, led by classy guys like harrison. In 'your' flowchart you can substitute any professional sports team and find their 'haters' and make the same case with some general news stories like you did here, let's not feel too special, enjoy your Applebee's

nuthinhere said...

I'm sorry, but Ben Roethlisberger can't hear you. He has 2 Super Bowl rings in his ears.

Paul said...

I never read or care about Whitlock.

Does anyone know what happened to Nate Washington? I remember seeing him on the sidelines at the end of the game with his arm in a sling.

johnny said...


Tremendous Patrick Roy reference! I made the same joke to some Seahawks fanboy at KSK a few weeks ago (albeit with one ring in Large Ben's ear) and the reference was totally lost on him.

As for jokes like 'Anonymous', flame on, jerky. Your hate makes us stronger.

Christmas Ape said...

I love that anonymous hater says winning with defense like it's a crime or cheating or something. If I know my haters, he's probably some lame Pats fan who really dislikes football and calls any game that isn't 45-38 boring.

Dave said...

Will there be a post letting everyone know about the White House visit?

Maybe some sort of "From the Pour House to the White House" type party? Damn that's catchy...

Roach said...

What pisses me off the most about Simmons' article is that he's basically trying to knock Steelers fans down a peg about the Superbowl victory because HE LOST MONEY GAMBLING.

Yeah Bill, the Black & Gold almost blew the game at the end, but they came back and won it.

The Patriots, on the other hand, DID blow the Superbowl last year.

To Eli Manning.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that it's eating at you that you really haven't won an "un-aided" Super Bowl in over 30 years.

You're pissed-off because it's happened twice in a row now. You were hoping the Steelers would win this one outright and you could be free of any doubt or fear that your beloved Steelers are not the greatest ever..

But, no. It happened again. You won another Super Bowl on bizarre calls and non-calls- both on the field and up in the NFL booth.

Your QB is a buffoon. He will never be as good as the two who led the 49ers to their perfect 5-0 Super Bowl record. Victories won on merit, grit and outright domination.

You will never be able to say that about your Steelers.

...perhaps in another 30 years... (keep dreaming).

I would rather be a Detroit Lions fan and have NOTHING than be a Steelers fan- strutting around pretending my team is the greatest ever - and all the while having that little voice of doubt in my head, that wonder, the notion that only 4 of those 6 victories were merited.

NestMinder said...

For the record, I had nothing to do with the previous comment.

Christmas Ape said...

Anonymous dicksmack coward, the only person dreaming is you. The aggravation we have to deal with is suffering the persistent retardation of you stone-headed motherfucking haters who try with all their impotent might to discredit the Steelers titles, but you can't. And the voice in your head (not in the back, but in the fucking foreground) says the Steelers are the greatest team of the modern era. And it eats at you every goddamn day, causing you to lash out pathetically like you did above. You take any closely contested game you don't like the outcome of, pick one call, and trump it up as if it were some kind of screwjob. Because you're sad and out for easy answers. Because you're pathetic and empty.

Steelers remain six-time champs, only "aided" by themselves. There is no doubt. Only the certainty that you're a bitter fucking loser.