The NFL Copyright Office: Still Lame

I hope you got your "Yes We Did!" celebratory shirts while you could (I didn't) because the league has put the kibosh on them by threatening legal action against their designer. Granted, the league's action was explicitly against his design of a Sixburgh shirt, as the NFLShop offers one of its own, Dan Rugh took down the "Yes We Did!" shirt as well, considering the ceast-and-desist letter he received made mention of an unauthorized use of the Lombardi Trophy image. Not saying the league doesn't have legal grounds to do this, especially with the Sixburgh shirt, in which they're protecting a similar product. But in falls in line with the draconian lengths they're willing to go (in which no advertiser can even use the words "Super Bowl" without a deal with the NFL) to guard naming rights.

Otherwise, there's still, somehow, bickering over trivial calls in the Super Bowl, which haters will probably never drop so long as they have working tear ducts. "Oh my gawd, look, an uncalled hold on Woodley!"

But, hey, an uncalled hold on the Cardinals! CALL OFF THE CONSPIRACY!

I look at it this way: After last year's Super Bowl, a large segment of Patriots fans made a stink about the clock issues in that game and that there should have been a holding call on the Giants on the Giant Snatch play to Tyree. And everyone laughed them off the Internet, because no other than Pats fans wanted the Patriots to win. This year, the Cardinals were the overwhelmingly popular pick with casual fans and they lost, so suddenly offciating is allowed to become an issue. Any events that led to a Cardinals victory would have been overlooked, no matter how iffy.

Anyway, I'll get into some free agency stuff beginning next week. Marvel we all know is gone. Starks will be a thorny issue. He's obviously not worth $7 million a year, but that's what he just got and won a Super Bowl, so the Steelers are in a position where they probably can't drop the offer. Kemoeatu shouldn't be difficult to retain. Guards are pretty easy to come by in the league and I doubt he'll command huge interest on the market. Bryant McFadden is probably the guy I worry about keeping the most, but I think dropping the Marvel and probably Larry Foote will give the Steelers enough cap room to hold onto him and Nate Washington, who, while far from spectacular, benefits from a good bargaining chip with the Steelers being thin at receiver.


Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get a freeze frame of Fitzgerald's fade TD catch over Ike to make it 20-14...I've seen it a couple times on NFL Replay now and I swear he was juggling that ball and it hit the ground. Don't think there was one word said about that.

Christmas Ape said...

I think that TD was legit. The ball's allowed to hit the ground if the receiver has control of it, which it looked to me that he did.

Chip said...

I don't think Fitz had control, though. Watch the replay and you see Ike knocked it out of his hands on the way down. He was still bobbling it when it touched turf. Would've been worth a replay at least considering every Steeler TD was met with a Congressional investigation.

On FA: I think Starks is priority #1. Nobody wants to say this but he was our best OL this year. LT is the hardest position to play and he did a decent job, esp since it's not his real position.

Colon and Kemo both sucked. I hope they replace both (one via draft and one via FA). Nate improved a ton this year but #3 WRs can be found in the draft/salary cap casualties every year. McFadden I'd like to keep, though.

johnny said...

No doubt that Left Tackle is a huge need. It's the reason why I was praying that the Steelers would have traded up last year for my man from Pitt, Jeff Otah.

Hopefully, Mendenhall turns out to be decent and not a bust. At very least, I hope that he doesn't fumble the Lombardi Trophy into the Monongahela River.

That said, I'm also part of the vocal minority who thinks that Limas will be good, so time will tell.

Vern said...

I think more people think Limas Sweed will become a good player than don't. I certainly think he'll be ok.