Roethlisberger Played the Super Bowl With Two Broken Ribs

Don't squeeze too hard, Mike

So it seems there was something to that whole X-ray story in the days before the game, even though the fractures were discovered first in an MRI after the game and not in that particular X-ray.

The PFT item deals with the injury reporting element, which, because the initial X-ray showed no damage, shouldn't be a big deal. The team doesn't have to report exams to the league and Ben didn't miss any practice.

I doubt it'll end up being something Roethlisberger is lionized for (not like "ZOMG Brady played with a fever over 100!" but it is remarkable nonetheless. The guy was playing as though nothing was wrong, clearly wasn't avoiding contact (scrambled on the final drive) and took about hisusual number of sacks. And yet still a stellar game. Tip o' the hat, Ben.


Spatula said...

Late shot in the back by the Ravens that the refs didn't call. Just saying.

Christmas Ape said...

Oh, I know. I did a post on it while you were enjoying Tampa.

Buck said...

The Ravens cheap and dirty players? I am shocked and appalled that you would disparge Ray Ray's good, clean name like that. And you better be careful 'cause I hear that he is getting all Stabby now that he might not get a contract.

tbone said...

Who said he wont get a contract? God? Cuz remember that shit is between Ray Ray and God now!

Hooks Orpik said...

Interesting how the news comes to light now from Roethlisberger (not sure how/if any questioning got him to say it)...But, as speculated, it could be a subtle cry for better o-linemen.

Not sure I buy that either, last year he was saying it'd be nice to have a big WR to sling it to in lieu of losing his buddy Plax.

Still, gotta give the guy his props. Sure he's not as polished as Manning or Brady, but Ben gets the job done....Even if he doesn't have a big WR he's got playmakers like 'Tone and Ward plus the will to extend plays on his own for someone to get open.

With all the FA's Ben has to know it's going to be a reconfigured line next season. Even then it still won't be ideal but he's shown he can play the hand he's dealt very well.