Nate Washington Signs With the Titans

It was a virtual certainty that Nate Washington would to depart in free agency (as will Bryant McFadden, goldurnit), but still - this means our no. 3 and 4 receivers are now Limas Sweed and Dallas Baker.


Nate's a likeable guy, at least when he's not showing off the stone hands. He was the Steelers' biggest deep threat this past season and had easily the best year of a career that has put Tiffin on the map for me. For that, he'll be missed. Still not sure how he popped up from that tackle near the end of the Dallas game. Nonetheless, this move behooves some Mewelde Moore-esque value signing from us sometime this offseason. Because, though I think Limas will eventually get better, he ain't there yet. Bobby Engram maybe? Too expensive? Maybe wait until players get cut after the draft. Either way, the Steelers are going to have to address this in free agency.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Is Cedric Wilson still available? On second thought ... uh, maybe not.

Round up the usual suspects: Sean McDonald, Mike Furrey ... uh, no, shit, they won't cut it, either (too slow, too loser-ish).

"With their pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select ... Hakeem Nicks, wide receiver, University of North Carolina."

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Any thoughts on WR Demetrious Williams, UFA formerly with the Ravens?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ach, my mistake on D.Williams -- I double-checked, and he's an RFA with a fourth-round tag.

Spatula said...

TO is now available.

Just kidding! Please don't ban me from this site!

Vern said...

Hey, you know...if TO agreed to a one-year cheap contract, I'd probably be ok with it.

Not that he will, of course. But if. Then you could just cut him.

I think Limas will be fine this year. An older vet signing in May is probably a safe bet, though. Also, Hakeem Nicks will probably be gone by pick 32. His stock is rising like real stocks are falling.

tbone said...

Thank god for Heath Miller...They really need to go after the OLine or DLine with their first pick...way long in the tooth on defense and we're not deep at all on the offensive line.

sam said...