Buh-Bye, Byron

A few weekends ago, I was talking with a woman who bartends at the backstage court-level bar at the Verizon Center. She said Leftwich (a D.C. native) was in attendance at a Wizards game about a month or so ago and copped an attitude when she didn't recognize who he was. One of his boys exclaimed, "That's the Super Bowl quarterback!" Obviously, this isn't the attitude of a guy (or a guy's posse) who envisions himself a backup quarterback. So it comes as little surprise that Leftwich turned down an admittedly meager two-year offer from the Steelers for one from the Bucs that will allow him to challenge for that team's starting role.

I wish Byron well. I think he'll have some success in Tampa, aided as he is by fucking soldier Kellen Winslow and Antonio Bryant. Meanwhile, his legacy from his one-year ring-attaining year with the Steelers will remain his second half performance in the Monday night game against the Redskins. There was a stretch, specifically after the Colts game, where it looked like Roethlisberger's injuries had caught up with him and it made sense for Byron to be starting. But Ben's play stabilized and that was the last we saw of Leftwich until Ben's concussion brought him in for mop-up duty in Week 17 against the Browns (he even scored a rushing TD!).

So fare thee well, Super Bowl quarterback! Chaz Batch has one more year as no. 2 to take in.


Buck said...

Man I hope Charlie "the glassman" Batch can stay health and Dixon is up for playing in the NFL. Especially if we go to an 18 game season.

Spatula said...

All I know is, thank God they signed up Silverback.

johnny said...

Lord Byron = stunned

Anonymous said...

steelers @ baltimore sunday night nov. 29.

baltimore fans weep b/c the national stage more than guarantees a sound beating at the hands of the 'lers.