Caterwauling Ravens Get Their Precious Primetime Game

The new schedule is out and looks awfully promising (hardest game of the year in Week 1, nice late bye in Week 8), though that could mean little between now and September. One notable shake out is the Ravens' carping resulted in the primetime game in their house in Week 12. Which is fine. I don't think it has much, if any, impact on the outcome of the game, yet if you read Ravens message boards after it was revealed that they appealed to the league office, all you'd see was how all the Ravens fans thought the league would never grant the team's wish coupled with their usual tirades about how the league hates the Ravens and that's why the team blows goats.

Primetime games:

TNF Week 1 -- vs. Titans. Yeah, yeah. We knew about this one beforehand. A good early test to gauge effectiveness of the return of Mendenhall and any progress from the O-line. Also, LenWhale gets that low-cal comeuppance.

Week 4 -- SNF vs. Chargers. Previous year playoff matchups are always following season primetime fodder. I'm also happy this game falls within the first few weeks of the season. Sure, you want a soft few opening weeks to pile up some wins, but there's nothing wrong with having the harder games frontloaded in the schedule.

Week 9 -- MNF at Broncos. This game in primetime makes more sense if Cutler were still on the team.

Week 12 -- SNF at Ravens. Delight in getting your way despite your constant bitching to the contrary, Ravens fans. "Waaahhhhh, the NFL hates us!" "They always favor the Steelers!" Now your team has to put up.

Week 14 -- TNF at Browns. Shades of the late Thursday game against the Bengals this past season?


tbone said...

It doesn't say much for your team's character when you whine to not play someone at a certain time.

Vern said...

You'd think they'd want to play at night because it would help keep Ray Lewis out of trouble.