Timmons, Cap Force Foote's Ouster

As most expected at the outset of free agency, Larry Foote has become a cap casualty, as he'll be released by the Steelers to save the team $2.8 million in room under the cap. By all indications, the Michigan grad looks to be heading home to Detroit. Hopefully with this and the Ward extension, it will free up enough money to get the rookies, Ashley Lelie or another veteran receiver, as well as another extension or two in the books before next year.

Foote will certainly be missed, being that he won two titles with the team and was a quiet, consistent contributor. That and the stomping the dirt celebrations were fun to watch. But it had become apparent that he had become expendable as a starter with the emergence of Lawrence Timmons.

I have a lot of confidence that Timmons will thrive full-time at the position. He was already obviously getting significant playing time there this season and doing well enough to generate a lot of excitement among fans. It will be interesting to see how the team will opt to spell Timmons next year. Keyaron Fox has recently showed a lot and could see some snaps in that capacity.

I'd like to know how the team shopped him during the draft. I'm sure there were probably a few offers, though officials on other teams would have to know he wasn't long for the Steelers' roster, thus driving down the value. Not having garnered much, the Steelers would just assume let him go to sign where he wants.


Tommy said...

from the recent tomlin interviews it sounds like bruce davis will be playing this year in that role.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Sorry to see Foote leave. He was a solid player, reliable and durable, an unsung hero.

As for signing Lelie, nah, no thanks.

Christmas Ape said...

Not crazy about Lelie. Would have rather they got Galloway or Engram, but they need another veteran wideout.

Spatula said...

I fully realize that football is a business, but it's always a bit melancholy when a good, solid guy has to get cut because of the cap. Of course, without the cap, chaos reigns. Foote will be one of the many good memories we have of the Steelers at the beginning of this century.

/kind of maudlin