Hey, That's Frank Summers' New Number

Oh all right, you can use it.


The Playoff Beard said...

I thought he was already given Maddox's old number.

Christmas Ape said...

Speaking of, I can't remember if Maddox went to the White House in '06 after the Steelers won XL. God, I hope not. So pissed he "won" a ring with the team.

johnny said...

I would have preferred it if Maddox visited the White House with the Steelers.

Ape, since you are forced to engage in flame wars with known Massholes, what is the mental state of Joke Sox Nation following the revelation that Manny & The Big Diabetic were both roided up for their two title runs? Between this and Spygate, can they muster the strength to read more hackneyed Simmons columns?

Penguins Mania continues to run wild.