It's Okay Silverback, Obama Hearts the Stillers

James Harrison takes the Greg Lloyd "I Wasn't Hired For My Disposition" credo to heart. If you've read "Steeler Nation" you'd know he's been a big nasty angry guy all his life. Going undrafted and being cut numerous times most likely only upped that chip on his shoulder. And the long rumored feud Harrison had with Cowher kept him from getting significant playing time until the Chin left to cheer at Carolina Hurricanes playoff games. Despite all this, only so much of that can excuse Harrison getting all pissy because the president wouldn't have taken a photo with the Steelers had not they lost. Technically, and obtusely, he's correct in saying that Obama would have met with Arizona had they won in Tampa, but to make it seem like that's some sign that POTUS hasn't been in the Steelers corner is downright silly. To recap:

-Obama appeared several times with the Rooneys during the campaign trail, which led the memorable photo up top.

-Obama accepted the game ball from the AFC Championship Game from Dan Rooney.

-Obama publicly stated he was rooting for the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

-Dan Rooney made a point to thank Obama before EVERYONE ELSE upon receiving the Lombardi Trophy

-Obama secretly wishes he could slough this whole president thing off and become an assistant on Mike Tomlin's staff (all the top secret insider sources I still have from The Post have confirmed as much).

So, yeah, Silverback, in a way I like that you still hold petty stupid grudges because it gives me the false impression that your big new contract hasn't made you go soft, but ferchrissakes, take the damn photo with Obama.


Dave said...

With all due respect, this would be a non-story if he had refused to visit with Bush. Wait... it WAS a non-story when he refused to visit with Bush. His point, though poorly articulated is also very sound. He said that if the Cardinals had won, they would be visiting Obama and not the Steelers. His meaning (I'm inferring) is that the Steelers as superbowl winners are a placeholder. Much the same way that the Superbowl winner meets the prez, so does the NCAA Women's Racquetball Team. I kinda like that he's down to earth enough, not to care about it, even though the media is obsessed and will crucify him over it. Stay crazy Silverback, you're saner than the rest of us.

Christmas Ape said...

I understand what his point is. I just don't see why that would bother him. They give the Lombardi Trophy to whoever wins the Super Bowl, so does that mean he doesn't want the Lombardi Trophy because it would have gone to the Cards if they had won?

Dave said...

I honestly couldn't guess the answer to that one. I mean the guy HATES interviews and all the fanfare. I don't know which point his statements and speedy exit during the last Superbowl ring presentation back-up (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06156/695834-66.stm), but it seems like you could give the guy lots of money to go to Siberia and tackle people with no cameras or trophies or even fans around and he would be just as happy. That's a romanticized view of it, but it might not be too far off.

Vern said...

It would have been a huge story when he refused to visit Bush if he was "James the Defensive MVP" and not "James the Special Teams Player". Also, Obama shouldn't have even welcomed Harrison in, because Harrison would have visited McCain had he won the election. If he wanted to see Obama he would have done so before he was elected President.