(Gag blatantly stolen from ThePensBlog.)

Varly was impressive, but there was simply no way the Caps could prevail in that game. After enduring bandwagon fan hysteria when I was in attendance at Game 1 in Verizon, I couldn't deal with the possibility of that team going up 3-0.

By the way, Cowher needs to stop showing his face at 'Canes games. I know you got a home down there, but show some love to the 'Burgh.

All said, I miss football rull bad.

UPDATE: Bonus stunnage.


Tommy said...

Legame buddy! Glad to see you are into the pens as well.

Tom said...

The bandwagoning here is sooooo sickening.

These so-called fans know nothing about hockey so they resort to lame Crosby bashing and the usual "the refs gave Pittsburgh the game" nonsense.

No one in DC gave a s#it about the Caps two years ago and they won't two years from now when they have a down year.