2009: Going Okay So Far

As much as I understand the sentiment, I'm not a huge fan of the "City of Champions" moniker. It always strikes my ear as a little extravagant, as though having multiple pro sports titles bestows upon the populace some sort of great achievement. It's kind of a Masshole kind of thing - asserting that your teams do well because your fans are somehow better and smarter than other fans.

That said, between a record sixth Steelers Super Bowl victory, an otherworldly late regular season/postseason run by the Penguins to collect a third Stanley Cup and Pitt reaching the Elite 8 (Maryland is my primary team in college hoops as I went there, but I'm certainly sympathetic to Pitt), fans of Pittsburgh sports have been lavished with good fortune. Hell, the Bucs are even playing respectably (for the Bucs), further buoyed by the fact that the farm system looks very encouraging (so people tell me, at least) where it had been dormant only a few years ago.

Given the depth, talent and age of the rosters, there's little reason to think the Steelers and Pens won't be at least lingering near the pinnacle of their respective sports for some time to come. We could be in the midst of another golden age. Or we could even be just embarking on it.

Note: Game 7 was the first time I caught at a game at Foley's in New York City, as I was in town to take part in Blogs With Balls on Saturday. It was a slight shame to miss the reaction of the regulars at the Pour House, but a great thrill to get to meet the wonderful talent behind PSAMP, One for the Other Thumb and Jim Shearer of Yinz Luv Da Guins/Stillers.


Dave said...

I don't think the City of Champions is a Masshole-type thing. I guess it can be, but for most I assume it's a point of pride. Pittsburghers are tremendously proud of the city an its teams. More so than many other major-league towns, it seems that the players feel the same pride. Maybe that's just the fan in me, but it doesn't seem like Redskins players are proud to be Redskins or that being a Raven means something.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. It's been a pretty sweet year to be a Pittsburgher, especially one living in the Baltimore/DC area.

Christmas Ape said...

Fair enough and you may be right. Maybe it's the fact that the Massholes have held claim to it in the recent past is what gives it that association for me. Either way, WWWOOOOOOOOO!

tbone said...

When was the last time you ever saw a Browns fan plan his whole funeral to be clad in Browns gear while sitting in recliner "watching" Browns reruns? NEVER! We have a right to be Massholeish because we're diehard and true...I sat and watched the Steelers in ATL in a sold out Georiga dome & you could hear a "Here we go Steelers" chant over everyone else.