I do not have too much to say, here.

It's Hockey Armageddon. It's The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. It's the Libyans. The '80 Russians.

You know what's at stake. Revenge. Immortality.

Tonight is only the 15th time the Stanley Cup Finals have gone to a deciding 7th game. Ever.

The Pens won their two previous Cups on the road. The last time Detroit played in a 7th game for theirs was like 809 years ago. And they lost.

I don't know about any of you, but I love this team. I am so grateful to be a fan of a squad who refuses to say quit. I'll miss the stale Mellon nachos, Kenny the Cotton Candy Guy, Listening to Bob Grove game recaps, checking ThePensblog.com for Gameday posts and the unbelievable ride that is playoff hockey.

I hope that I'm on E. Carson Street tonight, hammered drunk, hugging strangers and losing my voice. I hope that Sid and Geno's legacy begins now. I hope that Hossa cries himself to sleep tonight. But most of all, I hope that Mario Lemieux gets what he has most definitely earned: A 3rd Cup.

God Help Us All.

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Anonymous said...

Our Parents had '79 City of Champions with the Pirates and Steelers. Now it is our Turn '09 Steelers and Penguins City of Champions. The way the Penguins were so due for that championship its so fitting that they came back from the 0-2 defecit.

-Greg in Frederick