To The Brink

We're all sports fans here. We know what it means to follow our team. To check their off-season moves. To poke around the web searching for scraps of info on 6th round draft picks. To obsessively hit F5 refresh on blogs and AP Wire feeds. To record Sportscenters just to catch game highlights.

A lot of us have had the pleasure of seeing our team bring home the Lombardi. Some of us recall winning a few of Lord Stanley's Cups. Hell, you might even remember Pops Stargell or Roberto winning it all.

We know how rare these chances are. We recognize how golden are the opportunities to bring home a championship. And how fleeting.

I won't belabor the point or belittle your intellect by listing the reasons why tonight's game is huge for Pittsburgh. Fresh off the heals a Super Bowl 43 win, it represents an opportunity for the Pens to skate for The Cup. An opportunity for The Steel City to be The City of Champions again.

I, for one, have thought of this video every night for the last month or so. I truly believe in Crosby and the boys. That they learned from last year. That having the two best players in the world (eat me, Ovechkin) and a young, fast, hungry team means we can take the next two. That Detroit's time is done and that it's our young teams' time. That Karma can't let a shithead like Marian Hossa win a ring.

Some people say a win tonight doesn't mean shit. That the Wings, 11-1 at Joe Lewis Arena in the playoffs, will just take us down Friday. Well, I say FUCK THAT NOISE.

I'm going into Mellon tonight, with my heart on my sleeve, God help me. Put on your black n'gold and ride along with me at http://twitter.com/DixieNormess if you feel like it.



Chris said...

Nice post. I'm not subscribing to the claim that the pens can't win in Detroit either...

I'm following you on twitter. Add me @chrisfabbott

johnny said...

Let's Go Pens!

bluzdude said...

Great commercial, thanks for posting. Looks like you saw one doozy of a game. Do you even have a voice yet?

Dixie Normess said...

It took about a day for my voice to come back. I was so incredibly nervous leading up to the game, but once the puck dropped, everything faded into the background except the on ice action.

Remember: Rocky wins in the rematch