Permit Me a Moment of Book Whoring...

I seriously doubt there's anything less than a complete overlap between the readership of this blog and some of the other ones I write for, but in case there are a handful of readers I'd miss otherwise, here's another reminder that my book, "The Football Fan's Manifesto" hits stores today and that you should actually be in the act of buying it while you read this post in line on your iPhone. More info on readings and such can be found on KSK.

For the sake of objectivity, I had to dial back my rampant Steelers homerism in the book all the way back to 9.9, maybe even 9.85. Yes, there are even a few parts where I make fun of the Steelers, but those are far overshadowed by the frequency of rips on the Ratbirds, Browns, Patriots, Cowboys and a host of other contemptible teams. So I hope you'll excuse me for being momentarily treasonous for the sake of even-handed comedy.


Fred Jones said...

I received an email from Amazon saying it was shipped. Can't wait to read, as well as your site and your KSK posts now that the season is almost here.

Go Steelers!

ladi_izz said...

I was wondering what I wanted for my birthday next week.

Congrats on the book, and here's to hopefully a few more.