Defend the Dynasty.

Oh, hell yes.

Hines. Troy. Ben. Silverback. Fast Willie. Potsie.

You know them. They aren't just players. For the next five months or so, they're the characters in your favorite Sunday afternoon drama. Right or wrong, they'll help determine your mood. Your swagger or your sulk from week to week. What's it going to be? What are ups and downs of this season? Who'll step up? How will the 2009 Steelers be remembered?

You're ready. You've got your jersey. Your lucky hat. Your Towel.
You probably bought and wore the shit out of some SB43 Champs gear. Put it away.

That was Before.
This is Now.
This is The New Season. This is our Title Defense.

This means slapping all of the experts who claim a repeat is too hard in the mouth. It means saying we're the best all over again. It means cementing our place in history. Because guess waht, if the Steelers can win another Lombardi, that's three titles in five years. And that, my friends, is something your Fathers or your Grandfathers told you about.

That is a DYNASTY.

The wait is over. The season is finally here.

Get your mind right.

Here we go Steelers...HERE WE GO!

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Dixie Normess said...

For those of you that are on point with your Tivo's and DVRs:

Tonight's game is a 5-star matchup, baby.