Imma Let You Finish, but This Weekend is Another Five-Star Match-up

The fake Tomlin press conference guys are back with a riff on the Kanye West VMA incident. I got a light chuckle out of this, but even to a guy who makes a living on beating jokes into the ground, this meme seems to be losing steam in a hurry. Still, commendable effort.

* The Bears are installing new sod this week after a U2 concert at Soldier Field. Some Bears players are carping about likely loose turf, but Steelers players are all too familiar with such conditions at Heinz. [Pro Football Talk]

*Ryan Clark will likely sit out the game in Denver because of concerns about his sickle-cell. As long as whoever takes over for him doesn't play like the Bengals Roy Williams and ignore tipped passes so they can lay out Brandon Marshall [P-G]

*There's a decent chance Lawrence Timmons could return this week [Trib]

*Behold the Terrible Trowel, with which you can slather on beatdowns. [PSAMP]

* Some fans are ready to bury FWP, some would like to wait at least a few weeks. [XFLMVP]


ed said...

doesn't santonio carry the sickle cell trait also? so shouldn't he be a little concerned about going to denver also? i'm sorry i don't know more about sickle cell disease.

Christmas Ape said...

Does he? Hadn't heard that. So the Steelers have somehow put together a roster that can't play in one particular NFL city. Everyone needs a weakness, I guess.

Oh, we already have the O-line?

Two, then.