LenWhale Just Begging for Comeuppance

It was bound to arise. I'm just glad that it was the Titans who initiated the talk about the towel stomping. Neither their players nor their coaches were never particularly penitent about being gloating dickheads at the end of their win at home in Week 16 last year, and they're sticking to it now. LenWhale, one of the two guys who were caught by cameras stomping a Terrible Towel on the sidelines, is saying he'll do it again if Tennessee wins on Thursday. A shame that the defending champ has never lost the home opener in Week 1, and that he's giving more and more incentive to the Steelers to embarrass this jackass team. I eagerly await the glorious reaction shots at the end of this game when White is looking for comfort food.


Spatula said...

He should remember the old adage, "Act like you've been there before." He is, after all, paid to win football games.

/Either that, or he's overcompensating for his miniscule penis.

matt said...

I see a variety of little debbie's awaiting the whale in the locker room after the game.