Look Who's Talking Now

See, this is why the Bengals can't be allowed to be respectable. As soon as they get a whiff of positive goings-on, out comes the oodles of shittalk and speculation about Ocho's next celebration. And a bunch of other booshit no one cares about.

The league is a much better place when they're a bunch of servile losers willing to offer up wins seemingly free of charge.

But as of this moment, they are not. In fact, the Bungles are a trendy pick to upset the Steelers on Sunday. And even if the improbable happens and they do win, it's not because of the clownish tactics of Chad, who is pulling out one of his umpteen catch phrases he developed during Hard Knocks this year, saying he's gonna make the Steelers kiss the baby.

Let's not forget, in 16 career games against the Steelers (including the playoffs), Estaban Ochocinco has all of three touchdown receptions. And never more than one in a game. Yes, three TD catches over an entire season's worth of games. That's a pretty damn mediocre resume to be basing trash talk on. But then, this is Ocho. He doesn't need a leg to stand on to run his mouth.

Meanwhile, it's the first game back in Cincy since Hines Ward ended Keith Rivers season last year via jaw explosion, so naturally that incident has become the subject of blather all week. Hines made some news saying that he would have made the same block again because going at someone straight up is less dangerous than diving at a player's knees. People will argue that this makes Hines appear callous about the injury, but he lead with the shoulder on the Rivers hit. The contact happened at the worst possible location underneath Rivers' facemask while he was pursuing the ballcarrier. It was an unfortunate and freak accident, whereas going at the legs, you're gonna hurt someone almost every time.

But whatever, people will always harp on Hines for having the gall to be an offensive player who dares block aggressively. Well, most people at least.

Uh, thanks Rodney, but you're not really the guy we want standing up for Hines.

UPDATE: Looks like that Rodney account is a fake. So we can all rest easy.


Brooke Ullman said...

Well said.

Ochocinco = Mucho Stinko.

The Dreadnought said...

If we lose his weekend, the jagoffs on E!SPiN will be un-fucking-bearable.

/fuck you G20 protesters