Smell Ya Later, Carey Davis, Anthony Madison, Dallas Baker and Issac Redman

The cuts are in and now we must bid farewell to Carey Davis, Anthony Madison, Issac Redman, Bruce Davis, A.Q. Shipley, and a couple of other scrubs I couldn't pick out of a lineup.

Can't say I'm broken up about losing Davis. He never really fit the bill of what Tomlin and Arians envisioned of him being the Larry Centers type of passing game accessory fullback. Instead, he was the guy who couldn't block and couldn't do very much in the open field once he caught the ball. His enduring memory from this past season may have been breaking up a pass tipped at the line in the Super Bowl, preventing a costly red zone turnover. Appreciated, no doubt, but also no cause for keeping the guy around forever.

Issac Redman's release is already being bemoaned by a host of Steelers fans. I don't know - putting up big numbers on second and third stringers in the preseason doesn't lead me to believe I know definitely that he deserves a roster spot over another guy. He was one I never bought the hype on.

The fact that Stefan Logan was kept is no shock, though Florio had reported him as being listed as a running back certainly was, but reports are coming in that he in fact listed as a receiver, which makes sense. Frank the Tank is the fourth back, which presumably makes him the starting fullback, especially with Sean McHugh going on IR, unless they envision David Johnson assuming McHugh's H-back role. I didn't get a sense of how good of a blocker Summers is during the preseason, so I wonder how much Arians will continue to rely on tight end heavy formations to run the ball early in the year.

All said, people will bicker about Redman's departure, but I remember there being similar buzz around Gary Russell in the preseason entering last year, and while he was adequate for the latter half of the season, he was by no means indispensable. I liked the way the roster has shaped up. Already a lot of liabilities at the end of last year look like potential strong points heading into Week 1.

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Jimmy said...

Nice summary of heading into the season etc. I wish Redman could have stuck around, but hell we have a good bunch or RB's...plus you didn't mention Mewelde Moore.

Anyways, I found your blog...cool.
I grew up near Johnstown, PA. Live near Annapolis now.

Kick Lendales ASS Tomorrow!

GO STEELERS! Release the Silverback!!!!!!