So, About This Antwan Odom Guy...

The Bungles put up an impressive victory Sunday against Green Bay. The Queen City felt long-forgotten and shocking feelings of mirth which residents misconstrued as the adverse effects of paint huffing.

Yes, we all know the Bungles are synonymous with fail, but this Cincy team is a freakish tipped pass to Brandon Stokley away from being 2-0. They have a defensive end who has seven sacks in two games (the Steelers have two as a team). Ferchrissakes, Cedric Benson is sixth in the league in rushing.

It's bizarre and offensive for me to admit but this is a Bengals team to be taken seriously. Especially because having given away last week's game, it becomes pivotal that the Steelers not be 1-2 with the Chargers coming to town the following week. And, of course, Ben has to stay undefeated in games in Ohio. That's a bragging right not easily relinquished.

So, is Antwan Odom a legit threat or simply enjoying a bit of streaky success? The guy's already one sack shy of his career high. The Bengals fans I've talked to seem to be reluctant to say it's anything but a fluky surge. I suppose going against Max Starks, anything is possible. Alex Brown had the Bears only two sacks of Roethlisberger going against Starks last week. And scouts seem to be raving about the Bengals interior linemen play so far this year. Combine that with Carson Palmer deciding to not suck ass after Week 1, and this could be a tough game.

Or it could be another in a long series of merciless beatdowns by the Steelers. Either way, not taking everyone seriously was a luxury they squandered last week.

Oh, and they're probably getting Limas Sweed back! Happy day! Maybe he'll have a pass thrown to him for the first time this season.

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tbone said...

Karma unfortunately won't let the Bengals be successful. Just look at when the Steelers made the 2005 title run...The football gods have it out for them for some reason.