So This Week is Looking a Little Easier

Former Steelers defensive coordinator Dom Capers has gotten a ton of press, some would say too much, for installing the 3-4 in Green Bay over the off-season. Hard to argue with the results last night after forcing Jay Cutler into four interceptions and holding Matt Forte to 55 yards on 25 carries.

Not that the Bears won't fare better next week with more preparation against a similarly structured defense, along with some motivation to regain face lot with a humiliating performance in primetime. Can't say I'm not encouraged though.

And the Steelers won't be the only team missing a defensive centerpiece. Brian Urlacher dislocated his right wrist in last night's game and is reported to be out for a minimum of a few weeks and at least definitely this coming game. So far thankfully there haven't been reports indicating that Polamalu's injury will result in any longer than the reported 3-6 weeks.

Should make for an interesting week.

[UPDATE: Urlacher done for the year. That's no good. We only wanted him out this week. And it's hard to hate a guy who's best remembered by Steelers fans for being run over by Bettis going into the endzone.]


tbone said...

Ape I think Cutlerfucker would have been better off with the infected nipple hair I wished on him rather than that shitty Jake Delhomme impersonation he put on.

smckinsey said...

I will however take that shitty Jake Delhomme impersonation this week and raise you a Brady Quinn.