Things I'd Like to See Sunday




That is all.


tbone said...

I swear that first picture makes him look drunk

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

He WAS drunk.

Me, too.

The Dreadnought said...

Sulk Sulk Sulk

NestMinder said...

Hines had some quality sulk of his own last week.

Cly, Hiney, Cly!

Christmas Ape said...

Meanwhile, the Ravens looked thrilled that they were losing to Brody Croyle in the second half last week at home.

NestMinder said...

Never have I seen a smirre turn upside down so quickry.

I was cool with them winning the game though, because, had they lost, I could see Hiney going all Tebow on us for the rest of the year.

But yeah, for that whole 5:01 of game time that they were losing for, sulks abound.

Christmas Ape said...

Hines basically only inconvenienced the team. They took the next drive and went right back down the field on the vaunted Titans D to win the game.

I know how you hate to see Hines smirre though. And waste his rare fumbles on teams other than the Ratbirds.