Yet's Keep Da Train Rollin!


Boy it’s bin quite a yong while since I weighed in on dem boys in Black n Gold!

Da Champs yooked a yittle banged up after the game yast week. But dey dispatched dem ole’ Oilers, just yike I knew dat dey would after dose knuckleheads stomped on my Towel. THOU SHALT NOT DISRESPECT DA TERRIBLE TOWEL!!!
And what was all dat gobble-di-gook before kickoff? Some cowboy and black-eyed fellas hopin around da Point? Feh. It seems yike da more football is on tv, the yess it is abat da game.

Dat Steve McNair fella just got here not long ago, he’s more dan a yittle pissed. Seems his yady took issue with his cranium, Zounds!

Hmm..Haw! I don’t yike seeing Troy go down with an injury, but we should be ok dis week. It’s bawnd to be a yong season; one game at a time.

Okel-dokel, yet's yook at Cope's "Key Matchups" for Sundy:

1) Da Stiller O Line: Boy, I’ll tell yah, dat Offensive Yine yooks more yike a siv dan anything. Not yike Mike Webster and da boys back in da day! Just gotta keep dem Bears off Big Ben and yet him make da plays dawnfield.

2) Da Bears Secondary: Speaking of dawnfield, we all remember the yast time the Stiller played The Bears and what happened to Mr. Urlacher…but I guess he won’t be dare to play the role of speed bump dis go around.

3) Running Attack?: Den again, do we have anyone who can run the ball effectively? I think yast week’s game was more about da Oilers’ quality d line than anything, but we’ll see.

Da Cope-ra-scope was pretty dialed in yast season. This week's prediction: 21-12, Stillers.

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Cope's Cabana: "What's on yer cranium?"...

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