Because This is Exactly What We Needed

Looks as though the always - to the point that it's a careworn cliche - underrated Aaron Smith suffered what could be a serious shoulder injury Sunday against Detroit. Just as the Steelers are set to welcome Troy Polamalu back to action this week against the Brownies, another, nearly as significant, cog in the defense could be looking at time out of the lineup. And that's just loverly.

As of now, how long his departure will be depends on tests being run today, but memories of Travis Kirschke's impact on the run defense late in 2007 will make the pleas to our maker for a minor injury to be that much more manic. Either that or Ziggy Hood could be getting a quick trial by fire. Certainly the decision to take him in the first round could be prove more prescient than we could have cared for.

Update: Looks like he's out until January. [/pulls an Owen Schmitt]


Spatula said...

Holy shit and hell fire damnation.

/Sorry about the cussing.

Anonymous said...


/not sorry.

gamechump said...

Man... Why don't these "PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES" think about what I NEED? selfish selfish selfish crap stuff.

Dave said...

They just stuck Smith on IR. Ziggy and Kirschke better pick it up quickly or we've got no shot at the playoffs, let alone a repeat.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars; ie., Ziggy Hood, Nick Eason, Travis Kirschke, et al, plus Sherriff Lamarr (Woodley).

I have a feeling Nick Eason will get much of the playing time oon Sunday versus his former team, the Clowns.