Larry Foote is Your Spiteful Ex-Girlfriend

How many times in life have you had what seemed to be an amicable parting with someone, only to find them badmouthing you months after the fact?

Usually that's a thing that's usually reserved for former significant others as opposed to linebackers, but then emotions run high in football, I guess.

Most Steelers fans were a little dismayed to learn that Larry Foote was rooting for the Steelers to lose in Week 1 against the Titans. Why exactly wasn't entirely clear. Lingering bitterness about losing his starting job to a younger player? Sorry, dude, it happens sometimes. Lawrence Timmons is a highly talented first-round pick. It's not like you were supplanted by some random practice squad scrub.

Now Foote is letting it be known that he thinks he was screwed over by the Steelers. I don't think I can dismissively wank my hand fast enough.

He's carping because the Steelers waited until after the draft to release, thus costing him some money because teams had already put some aside for rookies and other free agents. Fine, well, perhaps Larry the Steelers wanted to see if they could shop someone they knew they would be letting go in exchange for picks. Not garnering any worthwhile offers, the Steelers cut Foote loose and he got to sign with his hometown team, the Lions.

Maybe this is the bellyaching Foote needs to get fired up to play a team he helped win two Super Bowls. Frankly, Daunte Culpepper has more reason to feel jilted by Pittsburgh than Foote does.

Speaking of Daunte, with Matt Stafford (and Calvin Johnson) not practicing yesterday, there's a decent chance the Steelers will be seeing the QB they turned down in favor of Byron Leftwich last year. I think most would agree that would make an already favorable matchup in Detroit all the better. Granted Stafford at this point in his career is still probably good for a careless turnover or two against our defense, the Lions offense looks like a respectable unit with him under center. And if Megatron is out, well then it might get ugly in a hurry. Meanwhile, Willie Parker appears unlikely to contribute much this week. I think most people are interested in seeing whether Mendenhall can roll off consecutive impressive games, so we can deal. And while it's good to see Troy back in practice, albeit in a limited capacity, I think everyone's in agreement that he doesn't need to see the field until the Vikings game at their earliest (or in very limited action against Cleveland to knock off any rust).

Interesting tidbit: other than that little Super Bowl the Steelers won following the '05 season, this is their first trip to Detroit since the coin flip game on Thanksgiving in '98. All the more reason not to let the result still be in doubt late in the game.


tbone said...

I dont see why he's bitching now. Even when the writing was on the wall, he made it clear he wanted to go to Detroit. As for them passing on Daunte last year I think that ended up being a good move. Rumors down here in bama were that when he came to Pittsburgh he made it clear he wanted to "challenge" for a starting job.

Spatula said...

@tbone, yeah, I kept thinking the same thing when I read Foote's complaints. He got to play with the team he wanted for the money he wanted. What's the problem?

/Two comments by two Steeler fans in Alabama. What're the odds?