I Like Where Cris Carter's Head is At

Apparently not only will the Steelers beat the Lions on Sunday, but they're gonna ambush the Colts-Titans Sunday night game WWE-style (I knew there was a reason Ben did the Raw appearance) and claim victory there too.

Meanwhile, Keyshawn Johnson is picking the Lions to win. Really?

Wait for it... COME ON, MANNNNNN!

[Punches himself in the dick]

Thanks to Sean for the tip.


gamechump said...

Douche Colts Announcer: And that's another TD for Manning. That guy is just the best. Smartest QB in football. Going for the 2 point conver- wait- what is this? It seems that the full Pittsburgh Steelers Squad is on the 50yd line. How di they-? Big Ben has- he- it seems he has a mike?

Ben: Hello TENNESSEE!!! I noticed none of you were counting on us being here! Now, I know you southern hillbillies get a kick out of stomping on my towel. And I know you get a kick out of being the new Lions. We just wanted to come down here tonight to TENNESSEE and give you a a surprise!

Collins: I just signed- A NEW CONTRACT! I am now the 4th string Steelers QB!

/supersaults Manning
/chair slams Jeff Fisher
/drops the BIG LEG on Young

Jerry the King Lawler: OH THAT IS RICH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! JR is this not a great show these NFL SUPERSTARS are putting on! That Jeff Fisher deserved it! Oh, but why did they attack Hot Vincy Young?! He was just on the sidelines reading comic books!

Jim Ross: I have never seen such a disgusting display in all my years behind a microphone! And you would think Vince Young was the only one asking for a whoppin!

The King: Go RAVENS!


I could do this forever.

SSTE_Founder said...

Haha that is classic...Its rough being a Lions fan...somebody probably was just walking by ESPN studio talking Pittburgh at Detroit and without thinking about what he was doing Carter automatically typed Pittsburgh