2006 Raiders Game Redux

No words. Should have sent an execution squad.

More Arians bashing and bemoaning special teams breakdowns will follow when I'm not wallowing in misery drinking.

But, hey, I think Hines and LaMarr Woodley played well.


Roach said...

Why do a pitch on 3rd and 1 about maybe a yard from Jeff Reed's range? They seriously need to fire Bruce Arians in the offseason. And fire the Special Teams coach immediately

gamechump said...

I had to watch this game with a friend of mine who is a Chefs fan. As a joke before the game, we bet the spread, loser buys lunch. We then, back in more innocent times, joked that if the Steelers won by more than 35, he would not buy lunch.

And then I bought lunch.

I want to kill my loved ones and then turn the rifle unto myself

Christmas Ape said...

With Kemoeatu out and Starks banged up on the left side, I think I understand what drove Arians to try the pitch to the right. And while Mewelde is the best of their RB options at breaking tackles, there's no way he can get to the corner against a defense expecting the run. Not even the Chiefs'. Stupid, stupid call.

DeltaSigDip said...

When you have the lead and the football in the fourth quarter, you run the football, that's Football 101.

Fire Bruce Arians

Paul said...

You are right Ape, most frustrating game since the Raiders game from 2006.

Well, at least the Dirt Birds and the Bengals lost too.

But crap, missed opportunity to gain ground!

matt said...


You can't depend on Ben every play to scramble and make magic happen.

Unreal, we go shotgun 4-5 wides in the redzone every fu*king time.

Starting to feel a lot like 2006

Dave said...

Batch somehow hurt himself during his four snaps yesterday, and is out for six weeks:


Who is ready for the Dennis Dixon era?

Dixie Normess said...

We'll know a lot more about this situation and what to make of it after Tomlin's presser tomorrow. He'll update on Ben's status.

I still can't believe what a great opportunity to gain on the division we blew yesterday...

sebastien09 said...

the steelers just keeps getting lucky but it looks like it's bout to run out