Can You Believe This Booshit?

Yeah, a receiver who blocks a lot is much worse than a 300-plus pound defensive lineman who stomps on people's faces. Or a safety who's made a illustrious legacy of horsecollaring people to death? And how did Vince Wilfork not crack the top 5? Last I checked, Hines never took a flying elbow at someone's knees.

Nice that SI happens to quote a Bengal to corroborate that Hines is supposedly dirty. Can't believe they got that reaction.

There are some dyed in the wool false hater perceptions the Steelers are never going to shed. Big Ben as game manager who only wins because of the defense is one. And Hines as dirty cheap shot artist is another. Naturally, this becomes Exhibit A for the latter argument.

I'd be interested to know where the distribution of votes came from. Hines got 11.6 percent of the 296 players surveyed. Wouldn't be shocked if those roughly 30 who named him the dirtiest in the league were primarily Ravens, Bengals and Browns players.


Dixie Normess said...

Hines addresses the "dirty" label to some degree:

Last Week's Interview with Solomon Wilcots

Barry said...

I'm really surprised at the lack of Jared Allen.