Decontaminate Corey Ivy

Be sure to coat Corey Ivy in all the anti-bacterial spray the team has on hand before allowing him into the practice facility. The Steelers picked up the former Ratbird, along with linebacker Rocky Boiman, to keep with matters special teamsian. Which it would have to be, because Ivy can't do dick in pass coverage.

But then neither really could the guy he'll be replacing on the roster, Keiwan Ratliff. That signing really threw me in the offseason. Ratliff was never well regarded by the Colts or the Bengals (probably why he was available). It seems as though the signing was based alone on catching the balls thrown directly to him in the Steelers/Colts game last season. It's like if the Steelers gave Andy Studebaker $5 million this off-season for happening to be where two Big Ben passes got deflected.

Mike Tomlin had sworn that the special teams problems weren't something that could be aided by a quick fix, though that's not stopping him from engaging in knee-jerk roster moves on special teams for the second week in a row. If the Steelers end their eight-game free TD streakon Sunday, it'll be hailed as a success, though it's obvious that much work still needs to be done beyond shuffling one or two players a week.

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Spatula said...

Just saw that Dixon will start tomorrow against the Ravens: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK