This Year, I Am Grateful for Ed Reed Fail

Start at 4:40.

Dirtbird fans might break from referee whining long enough to point out that at least Ed Reed isn't inflicted with the Madden or the Head and Shoulders curse this year. While true, even a curse couldn't make Troy toss the ball to the other team to ice a big game.

Also, Troy can tackle, and not just when receivers are left out to dry.

Also garnering my thanks: the fact that Big Ben will play. Bawlmer fans like to gnash their mottled gums about how tough it is to win in The House That Modell Conned Maryland into Building Him With Taxpayer Funds but remember that Ben is 1-1 there as a starter. Not exactly a house of horrors, no matter how many times Dirtbird fans beat it in their own mouths with the picture of Bart Scott's hit on Ben in 2006.

The Ravens may have caught the Steelers at the best possible time, with the team having played like ass the last two weeks, Troy injured and Ben coming off a head injury scare, but screw them. I await Rashard Mendenhall's revenge on Stabby.


Anonymous said...

terrible blog, the washington monument picture looks like a big penis with a steelers helmet on the tip, hahaha

Anonymous said...

I wear a steelers helmet on my penis to catch my splooge and use a terrible towel to sop of my sloppy pee events. I also wipe my ass with troy's hair. That's really where he gets the shine and shit related diseases.

Dixie Normess said...

You can tell it's Ravens week by the caliber of Anonymous trolls with Down's in the comments. Carry on, Natty Boh-guzzling sub humans!

Christmas Ape said...

Just like Joe Flacco, Ravens trolls live at home with their mom.

Roach said...

Baltimore's a complete shithole.

Christmas Ape said...

Oh God, the team signed Corey Ivy. Better wash all the fucking Baltimore filth off him before letting him in the team facility.

And I'm glad Ratliff is gone. That fucker sucked in coverage. I'm convinced we only signed him because of that Colts game last year.

Ravens31-Dicksburg17 said...

I always thought your city was actually named "Dicksburg" but I never thought you all would be dumb enough to confirm it until I saw your "cartoon"!

BTW, is there a word for a team that can't beat one of the worst teams in the league? I couldn't find "loserer" in the dictionary but it seems to fit.

Enjoy the long yellow bus ride home after your Sunday Night Whoopin' courtesy of the Kansas City-beating RAVENS!!

Roach said...

That whole post was one big ball of douchebag.

"Enjoy the long yellow bus ride home after your Sunday Night Whoopin' courtesy of the Kansas City-beating RAVENS!!"

Long yellow bus ride? Is that what those of you who have spent your whole lives riding short buses call regular buses?

Christmas Ape said...

Heh. Ravens fans can't talk recent head-to-head matches so they go to common opponents.

KC actually had a second half lead on the Ravens IN BALTIMORE without their starting quarterback. Let's not go crazy about talking shit there.

The Ravens might win against the Minnesota Vikings-beating STEELERS, but rest assured their disgraceful and callow fans will just whine about the refs if they don't.