500-plus yards passing for Big Ben barely eclipses a pathetic performance by the secondary, with William Gay and Tyrone Carter (let's whiff on Greg Jennings on a long TD catch) sucking up a show. A monster game by Roethlisberger makes up for Arians either refusing to run or opting not to run outside of obvious 1st down plays. But, hey, no 10 losses for the Steelers this year.

Wasn't the Packers line supposed to be horrible? Couldn't the Steelers muster more than one sack? No matter - the end of the 4th quarter finally went the Steelers way this time around, as it had so many times in '08.

Now to crush the Ravens when it counts. Unless the Steelers feel like spotting them another three or four key starters.


gamechump said...

Ok, I'll pull the trigger on this.

Correct this if I am wrong.
We need to finish 9-7. Win out. Obvious.
We need to DEN, TENN, and MIA to finish 9-7 because we would have the tiebreaker on them.
Then we need everyone else to drop to 8-8 because we would lose pretty much any tiebreaker due to our awesome Conference and Division record. I know all these teams have tough games coming up, and NOT THAT WE WOULD DESERVE IT, but a playoff spot would be nice, and it looks slightly possible.

IF my crazy future comes to pass and BAL makes the playoffs as I think they will, we would be the 6th seed because, even though splitting with BAL, they have would potentially have a better Conference and Divisions record.

Am I right?

I smell a Saints Steelers SHOWDOWN! Fianl Score you ask?

PIT 675
NO -6

Tommy said...

Come on man! Too easy to be negative! We won that shit and that last play ruled hard! Obvi Gay has to get his ass benched in a hurry, Ryan Clark needs to shut his mouth and break some faces, and the Wood needs to lay some bros out in the backfield.

Either way straight from SF I will be yelling at Dennis Dixon from the stands to wave hi to me next week.

Anonymous said...