Big Ben Still Owns the Ravens

5-0 for Big Ben against the Ravens since 2006. How much does Baltimore have to thank Kansas City for the concussion right now? It's the difference between the Ravens being in the playoff hunt and being eliminated. Not that this was Ben's best game, but it was just enough to secure the all-important win.

The run blocking definitely missed Kemoeatu again. That and the Ravens had a better sense of what to expect of Mendenhall, who generally killed them in the first meeting. Today there was decidedly less to be excited about. Ray Rice, meanwhile, had a huge game, save for the critical fumble he committed inside Steelers territory after the Ravens recovered a Mendenhall fumble.

The coverage for both teams was as pathetic as expected. Tyrone Carter got burned a number of times. DBs were horrible out of position to ever fight with Todd Heap for jump balls in the endzone. Frank Walker and Chris Carr were victimized a number of times by Big Ben. That it was only 23-20 is a credit to both sloppy play (highlighted by red zone drops by Rashard Mendenhall and Derrick Mason) as well as some key ploays by both teams front seven.

Ravens fans are already crying about the refs. Don't believe me? Read the always pathetic trolls at PFT or the number of ones who frequent KSK. If anything, Baltimore got the benefit of a lot of calls. Foxworth's interception looked like interference after he dragged Holmes down by the arm. Count that with Mason dropping the ball after taking two steps before taking a jarring hit by Lawrence Timmons. But these are Ravens fans. They're pathetic and we would expect no less.

As I type Denver is getting beat handily by the Eagles. Should that continue, the Steelers would need a win from New England and, I believe, either KC or Oakland next week in addition to beating the Dolphins in Miami. Either latter scenario would be a long shot. That's fine. Today was satisfaction enough. The Ravens are dicked in the playoffs. Honestly, they're lucky to even be in the position they're in. Baltimore is Ray Rice and 21 other scrubs.


NestMinder said...

Congrats man.

Call me pathetic all you want, but the gripe with the refs is legitimate. To have two touchdowns called back on holds that had nothing to do with the play? And on the final interception by Ben "owns the Ravens" Worthlessburger - once he is out of the pocket, the 5 yard restriction on bumps becomes obsolete - the INT should have counted. Even you can't defend him for making that ridiculous throw. Of course, again, the refs bailed him out.

Granted, none of that excuses Mason's butterfingers, Harbaugh's retarded use of timeouts, or Cousins' complete submission to Woodley.

Truth is, neither of these teams deserves a Playoff berth - they are both destined for 1-and dones. But I'd much rather it be us than you, so I'll be more than happy next week when the Ravens get in and your band of shitbirds does not.


Roach said...

Typical pathetic blame-game by Ravens fans. Once again, your team showed a lack of self discipline that bit them in the ass.

DeltaSigDip said...

I'm not gonna call you pathetic. Not because you aren't but just because anonymous name calling on the internet isnt really my thing. But I would like to point out a couple of things:

You are 100% correct about the illegal contact call and that it is waived if the QB breaks the pocket. However, Ben had NOT broken contain at that point, so the play was called correctly.

Regardless of whether the holds have anything to do with the play, they are infractions of the rules and are called as such. The fact that your players still committed the penalties AWAY from the play just shows a lack of discipline on their part.

Did Ben play great? Fuck no. Did the oline play great? Fuck no. Does Bruce Arians no what a running play is? Fuck no. That being said you didn't lose because of the refs. You lost because of a lack of discipline, and getting outplayed in key spots.

Point is it was an ugly football game, but someone had to win it, and the team that made less mistakes did (and usually does).

FlaccosoverratedRayLewismurderspeopleTerrellSuggsisoverpaid PEACE IM OUT!

Christmas Ape said...

Nest never fails to amuse me with his predictability. Naturally there's no mention of Mason's fumble in his litany of officiating gripes. Wonder why?

But I'd much rather it be us than you, so I'll be more than happy next week when the Ravens get in and your band of shitbirds does not.

Perhaps. But the Ravens reward will be another three-game sweep at the hands of a division rival. Enjoy losing to Cincy yet again. The Steelers, at least, have a Lombardi trophy from last season to soothe their hurt feelings.

Also, your one-and-done doesn't excuse the Ravens failing to get their coveted sweep over the Steelers. And the fact that their one win came in overtime against Dennis Dixon at home just makes it all the more trifling.

Cheers, you whiny fuckstick.

gamechump said...

That dude is pathetic, but only cause he does not want to be.

I can't wait for the Steelers miracle playoff berth! WE DESERVE IT!!!

Christmas Ape said...

No, I still don't think the Steelers "deserve" a playoff berth based on several of the really bad losses they've had.

But they did deserve to win yesterday. From what I've seen, the percentage of Ravens fans who don't claim that their team was outright cheated by the officials think their team essentially gave up the game.

Both are wrong. Yes, the Ravens made some mistakes that cost them points, but the Steelers did as well. Pittsburgh left 10 points on the board in the first quarter just from drops or misfires by Ben on early drives. The only difference were that the Ravens' errors occurred later in the game, where more attention is given to them by analysts. Altogether, it was an evenly played game, but ultimately the Steelers made just enough plays to win.

Dixie Normess said...
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Dixie Normess said...

Agreed. After the shit-tastic 5 game skid we don't really "deserve" much of anything, save a drinking problem. It's nice that we are actually able to care about our Week 17 game for something more than posterity and keeping our team above .500.

With the upcoming slate shaking out the way it has, Steeler Nation will be scoreboard watching the Pats/Texans just as much as our game, then pulling for the improbable Raiders upset of the Ravens at 4. If we still have a pulse going in to the recently-flexed Cincy/NYU contest, I'll need a new liver.

Dave said...

Had Cinci played at 1:00 as scheduled, instead of being flexed to 8:20, the Steelers would have a great shot at the playoffs. It seems to me that's what's screwing us over. Cinci likely won't be playing for anything and will rest their starters after losing Maualuga for the season. Whereas, if New England and Cincinnati were playing at the same time, our chances would be much better. It's really infuriating to see teams throwing games and something as stupid as scheduling playing a role in our fate. That and losing 7 winnable games I mean.

gamechump said...

I was joking when I said "WE DESERVE IT!"