It Happened.

No more consequential football until 2010. You just watched a team that quit. Maybe Santonio and Woodley actually gave a shit.

On the bright side, if this doesn't get Bruce Arians fired, nothing ever will.


Anonymous said...

Tomlin Must Go!! I didn't want him when we got him in the first place.
He is not the right coach for this team! He looks lost during the games, doesn't have the ability to make adjustments. He won a superbowl and that will keep him around, but I said last year we won in spite of him, not because of him.
Offensive Coordinator and Special Teams coaches should be looking for new jobs! We never went no huddle to change momentum, try to pass on 1st down to open up the run, we can't run the ball like we used to so make a change in play calling!
I can't beleive what I saw against Cleveland, no heart- That falls on the coach as much as the players!
I know the Rooney's won't get rid of him, but we should see about getting Bill Cowher back since he is rumored to be looking to return to coaching.

gamechump said...

Uh, what?
I love Mike.
Bruce needs to die in a prison shower.
How can you hold any team to 13, and lose. I think the answer is 894 sacks. The line needs an overhaul.
Sit Troy the rest of the year, so maybe we can get a solid 6 games out of him next season.
Murder the secondary.
I am so sad. And yet I am relieved because losing in that wildcard would have hurt so much more.
Fucking Browns.

DeltaSigDip said...

The notion of firing Tomlin is laughable.
On the same token I hope to be laughing so hard I throw up my lunch when we fire Bruce Arians (3rd and less than 3 yard on multiple occasions, ant were throwing the ball?).

With that being said I have NEVER seen a steelers squad playing with so hutsle in all facets of the game. FUCK at least Tommy Maddox would go out there and fling the ball around (granted not into Steeler Jerseys).

Sooooooo who are we drafting next year? CB? FS? WR? Offensive Coordinator? SOMEONE WHO CAN COVER A FUCKING SPECIAL TEAMS PLAY?

PS- My verification word is "frati". I was in a frat in college. FRAAAAAATTTTTTTT

DeltaSigDip said...

As I reread this post I noticed multiple missed words but I hope you can figure it out.

Bruce Arians should die in a fire.

Tommy said...

GOOD GOD ARIANS NEEDS TO DIE IN A FIRE OF SHITHAIL. I have never seen a Steeler team play like they gave less of a shit since Kordell threw 9000 intercptions to ruin one of our late nineties seasons. Lebeau is gonna retire. Things are gonna suck hard. Tomlin will have to prove, because I think he is great, just how great he is. These motherfuckers quit. I am beyond sad dude about the losses, I was god damn furious. What a fucking embarrassment. I am absolutely sure I could have done a 100% better job of pumping up the offensive line by telling them how many suicides they could have prevented. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Go Pens. Win the Cup.

Paul said...

Fire Tomlin? You are kidding right? Now... Bruce Arians? Yes! That was such a piss poor game plan for a game like this. I am sure the Browns were licking their chops on all those third downs when the Steelers went out of the shotgun.

Well, at least I don't have to waste any more Sundays watching this team find more and more ways to lose games. I'll find something better to do until next year...

Anonymous said...

We lost every game by a TD or less so let's not commit mass hari kari yet Steeler Nation. We need a massive overhaul on the O lind and D line. I say focus on the Defense first Aaron Smith's absence hurt as much as Troy's; our average age on D line is 33 ancient by NFl standard. He need to also draft some corners aor develo a suitable back up to Troy because the way he plays is body is going to quit in the next 1-3 years.

Can't wait for the draft!

The Dreadnought said...

Tomlin isn't going ANYWHERE. /shakes head

Arians... well.

On a side note, we need an inside linebacker ASAP. Watching Farrior decline in front of our eyes this season was hard to take.

Along with

CB / OL / S / DL


gamechump said...

And how does no one plan for Cribbs? How many third downs did we convert? FUCKING 3 of 13?!?!?! WHAT THE WHAT?
8 sacks.
It really did look like the Secondary just quit.
We could all nitpick the game to death, but it really does rest on the offensive game plan. Against the worst quad in the game, we couldn't get 300yrds of offense. Putrid game. Putrid.

Go Saints?

Spatula said...

The team has been playing not to lose for the past two months. This has become more evident lately. They are scared and playing very stiffly. It's obvious that they no longer have faith in themselves or the schemes. As so many have said, more eloquently than I, firing Tomlin is asinine. Tomlin, however, does need to change his coaching approach (like he did after his first year), if he wants to keep the team believing in him. However, firing Arians (preferably out of a cannon) is a grand idea. Lebeau is a genius at coming up with challenging schemes, but, since the second half of last year's Super Bowl, it is obvious that he and/or his assistants can't adjust to their opponent's second-half adjustments. It may be time for him to retire. The rest of the games are training for next year. Troy should be put on IR so his knee can heal properly. They should start Sweed. I read that the team planned to give him another training camp to prove himself. Instead, let him prove himself in the next four games. If he's a bust, get rid of him now and use the money you save under the cap to pay signing bonuses to guys who can play. Likewise, start Fox and a few others to see if they have what it takes to start when it really matters. Strange as this may seem, start Dixon. I love Batch to death, but he's fragile and needs to retire. Get Dixon ready for the number spot. It was devastating to watch the team quit. I do think most of the blame for that should fall on Tomlin.

Anonymous said...

Making the playoffs will require a 9-7 record, some losses that will probably be expected by the oddsmakers on the part of the Jags (Miami, Indy, NE), and Jets(Indy, Cin), and either the Broncos or Ravens catching a dose of the bed-shitting fever that we've been plagued with as of late. Tomlin needs to at least get these guys to play for pride and an invitation to camp next year.

//Waits for a Mora-esque "Playoffs?!?!?!?" in the next comment...

Jason said...

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Buck said...

8 sacks: some of which were Ben's fault. He really needs to have that timer running in his head that says, "5 seconds time to run or dump the ball."

The secondary: Watching that game I felt like Darren Perry and the rest of the "sieve" defense we used to run was going to trot back onto the field. Why have we always struggled to have good corners?

The O-Line: Max Starks nicknames are either "Turn style" or "ole" and we signed him to a $7 million dollar deal. Really?

Its time to hang Arians off a bridge and go get an Offensive Coord that understands 3rd and 3 means you RUN the ball not pass it.

Coal Crackin' Skulls said...

Random, Obvious Observations:

Max Starks sucks.
Bruce Arians sucks.

Farrior is old.
Timmons sucks.

It's 3rd and short, let's go shotgun.

We don't run the ball enough.

Opponents prepare for Harrison.

Not enough D-pressure.

Teams Pass all over us.

Not using Heath enough.

Over Stefan Logan returning kicks. He didn't break one yet, so back to the CFL.

Limas Sweed needs to give some money back. He can keep half for the block he threw in last year AFC champ game.