Silverback and Big Snack Make the Pro Bowl

The Steelers has two Pro Bowl selections this year, which sounds about right for an 8-7 team. James Harrison is one of the starting outside linebackers, obviously, while Casey Hampton gets in a reserve defensive tackle.

The Hampton nod is a little odd and, frankly, feels mostly based on reputation. The guy looked gassed most of the time and was getting spelled about as often as Albert Haynesworth in some games. Early in the season, you could argue that Chris Hoke was outplaying Big Snack. Hampton's been a great player, but he's certainly within the final few years of his career.

Would have been nice to see Woodley, Santonio or Hines get recognized. Wood got screwed in my opinion. He's second to only Elvis Dumervil in sacks by linebackers. Granted he had a sluggish start to the season, but he's been dominant over the last eight or nine games. Still, Brian Cushing has a compelling case and they had to get someone who isn't mostly a pass rushing outside backer.

Tone is third in the NFL in receiving yards, but he only has four touchdowns, so I don't have a huge issue with his getting snubbed. And Hines numbers dipped too far after the halfway mark for him to get included.


John said...

ah yeah!!

As far as the playoffs go, they're pronounncing us dead on arrival.

As of now, we STILL have a faint heartbeat!!

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