Stop the Implosion!

Some of you may say, "Hey! The Steelers are done. They should just tank the rest of the season and take a high draft pick."

And I would counter, "Hey! You didn't get to become an astronaut like you wanted as a kid so you should just tank the rest of your life and become a drunk."

Admittedly, it doesn't really matter if they beat the Packers, other than to see which players will find themselves losing jobs in the offseason. Still, not letting a bunch of bloblets who still cling to Favre lust come into Heinz Field and celebrate a Packers victory would be nice. And do you really want the Steelers to suffer the ignomity of 10 losses? Helllll no. Not when there's a Ravens team to knock out of the playoffs in two weeks.

So let's hope the secondary decides not to play like ass. Otherwise Aaron Rodger is gonna grow back his pornstache just he can wax it with our defense. Also, I need Mendenhall and Santonio to get me some fantasy points. Some (fantasy) teams still have something riding on this.


Anonymous said...

There is still a lot to play for this season. A playoff spot is not out of the question, and don't forget the opportunity to send the Dolphins and Ratbirds to the golf course come Jan 3.

Brantley said...

One game out with three to play.

I have faith hop and charity.

And the greatest of these is hop.

gamechump said...

Is that Vulcan?

DeltaSigDip said...

You're right... im never going to space am I?